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Zhuji jinhong machinery co.LTD

Specialized in producing cold pier mould,red pier mould,press mould,punch rod, shaped punch rod,R hexagonal punch rod,plum blossom punching rod,inner hexagon tungsten steel punching rod and alloy punching rod.

Shanghai Shenguang High Strength Bolts Co., Ltd,

producing both standard and customized components for special steel fabrication and completed wind power system.

Ningbo Zhuocheng Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tapping, rolling centralized feeding machine, bolt and nut centrifugal feeder, wheel nut automatic welding machine, thread rolling machine automatic feeding machine, sorting machine centralized feeding machine, manual sorting semi-automatic packaging machine

Taicang Aien Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

High speed slf-drilling screw machine,cold heading mold,self-drilling screw point forming machine


Stainless steel fasteners, wires, bars


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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