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lengthened type,spare part forming machine, high speed bearing nut cold heading machines with five,six and seven station.

Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd.

Xingtai steel’s products are mainly used to produce automobile engine cylinder head bolts, chassis welding bolts, body fastening bolts, walking system hub bolts, steering system ball head pull rod, air conditioning compressor bolts and other products. In addition, according to the special needs of customers, we developed non annealing, high hardenability, heat resistance, weather resistance and other special steel products.

Rui'an Jitai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

Nut, weld nut, lock nut

Dongguan songwei machinery hardware products co.ltd

Multi-station cold heading machine,Six-stations nut former machine ,All kinds of nuts(Customized)

Shanghai Qkinto Mold Manufacturing CO,.Ltd

Tungsten steel mould, high-speed steel-rod, cold-forging fittings: nut mould (mould nut), bolts mould (mould screws) (straight rod mold etc.); Tungsten steel mould (Alloy mould); rods, comprehensive mould such as: Material transferring wheel; bolt mould; ratchet; tungsten steel drilling rods; knife outside block;, knives, tungsten steel knives, cold forging fittings; rod sets, stripping disk; inside and outside knives; sleeve mould; operation folder (transit folder, Clip, tongs) drilling mold, screw; stainless steel roller sleeve, flange, spark plugs, and cold-forging mould for nuts, nut stamping, drawing die; the rod; tapping fittings; cold-forging mold (Parts mold, cold extrusion mould) Great Wall molybdenum wire

Yixing Dingfeng Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

The punching rod produced by our company is independently developed according to Japanese technology,which is suitable for stainless steel, 45 steel,bearing steel and other high carbon steel. The head of the product is welded with tungsten steel,which has high wear resistance and high temperature resistance.Its service life is at least three to five times longer than that of ordinary high-speed steel.Save time,labor and labor cost!


Punch pin 、Square hexagon plum punch series 、Automotive Standard Parts Mould、Stretch-Rod、


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