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Qingdao Xingdong Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Wire rod in coils Shot Blasting Machine、Wire shot blasting machine、Hanger Type shot blasting machine、Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine、Dust collector、Single Wire Rod Shot Blasting Machine、Wire Rod Through Type Shot、 Double Station Coiled Wire、Billet Shot Blasting Machin,etc.

Jinshang Technology Co.,Ltd

Stainless steel fasteners, wires, bars


Punch pin 、Square hexagon plum punch series 、Automotive Standard Parts Mould、Stretch-Rod、


T head bolt ; Hammer head bolt ; Track bolt ; Squire head bolt ; Non-standard bolt

Dongguan Fanrong Screw Tooling Co.,Limited.

Thread rolling die for stainless steel. Thread rolling die for grooves. Thread rolling die for round end. Thread rolling die for cutting flat face.Thread rolling die for high strength screw.Stainless steel punch.Hex punch.Torx punch. Die for stainless steel. 6-segments die.

Yuxing Fasteners (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

It can produce nuts of Chinese GB standard, national standard ISO standard, German DIN standard, American ANSI standard, British BS standard, Italian UNI standard and various shaped nuts.

Shandong Hanpu Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Electric Shear Wrench,Electric Torque Wrench,Torque Calibrator

Hebei Haoyue Metal products Manufacturing Co.Led.

Hexagon combination bolt, hexagon combination bolt, half round head combination bolt, cavity combination bolt, etc.

Aerospace Fastener Technologies (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

◆High-tech CNC Thread warm rolling machine & process; ◆Automatic Drill, Point & Broach machine and Process; ◆Fillet Rolling machine and process; ◆Head Turning, Drilling, Reaming machine and Process; ◆Reaming and Tapping machine; ◆Nut Crimping Machine and process; ◆Aerospace Thread Die and Toolings; ◆Hot Forging process and machine for aerospace Fastener Mfg. ◆Intelligent Induction Heating unit for aerospace Fastener Mfg. ◆Inspection machine and process for the Form and position tolerance ◆Retrofit of Intelligent Automation equipment for Aerospace Fastener Mfg.


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