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Shanghai Caifu Mechanical Co., Ltd

Design and produce high quality fasteners as below:1.High-speed railways, motor cars, urban rail transit;2.Vessels cranes, offshore cranes, lifting capacity;3.High-pressure pumps, Vacuum pumps;4.Fastenings of mining machinery 5.Other fields(Shield tunneling machine, Nuclear power, Wind power, etc. )

Zhejiang Tongzhiling Information Technology Co., Ltd

Bar code printer, label printer, portable printer, POS printer. General scanner, one-dimensional image type, laser scanner, bar code tester

Ruian Yitai High-Strength Standard Co., Ltd.

cylindrical pin, taper pin, thread cylindrical pin, taper pin, taper pin, open the tail cone pin, rolled with hole pin, elastic cylindrical pin, elastic pin.

Jiashan xin yan hardware products factory

stainless steel washer, stamping parts, change ring, hardware, mechanical accessories,

Handan shanmei culture media co., ltd

Online: Multi-platform promotion at the same time to improve exposure. Offline: Books and periodicals are accurately put into the hardware market, increasing the turnover.

Jinjiang Tagong Hardware Forging Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.

Standard Nuts(GB/DIN/ISO/UNI/JIS/GOST/ANSI/ASTM); And Special Nuts(Slotted nuts,Nylon insert nuts,Flange Nuts,Self-hold Nuts,Square Nuts,Cap Nuts,etc.)


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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