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Shanghai Feiyu Automatic Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.

Machines for counting and packaging

Shanghai Chemetall Chemicals Co., Ltd

Iron side phosphate technology, Gardo®Hybrid, Gardomer High Performance Lubricants

Shanghai Chunzu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Heading machinery; Thread rolling machine

Shenzhen Manjun Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

riveted fasteners, shafts, studs, screws, bolts, nuts and screws, OEM parts, and special easy-to-turn parts

Shanghai FuTan Automation Equipment Co.,LTD

Fastener de-oiler, standard piece de-oiler, roller chain degreaser (dehydration machine)

Shanghai Caifu Mechanical Co., Ltd

Design and produce high quality fasteners as below:1.High-speed railways, motor cars, urban rail transit;2.Vessels cranes, offshore cranes, lifting capacity;3.High-pressure pumps, Vacuum pumps;4.Fastenings of mining machinery 5.Other fields(Shield tunneling machine, Nuclear power, Wind power, etc. )


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