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Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co., Ltd.

Large six corner head and torsion shear type high strength bolts and all kinds of non high strength bolts.


Friction coefficient testing system Schatz mold quasi-assembly system ECM automatic optical bolt size measuring instrument,transverse vibration test system, microcomputer controlled universal testing machine, metallographic microscope, spectrometer,etc.

Suzhou Shangge Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Vibration plate, Assembly machine, screw

SACMA Limbiate S.p.A.

Progressive Headers, Combined Headers, Warm Formers, Thread Rollers

shanghai Hongjing Eco-Friendly Technologies Co.Ltd

Oil Mist Purification Equipment of Industrial Fume Purifier

Shandong Hanpu Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Electric Shear Wrench,Electric Torque Wrench,Torque Calibrator

Shanghai Caifu Mechanical Co., Ltd

Design and produce high quality fasteners as below:1.High-speed railways, motor cars, urban rail transit;2.Vessels cranes, offshore cranes, lifting capacity;3.High-pressure pumps, Vacuum pumps;4.Fastenings of mining machinery 5.Other fields(Shield tunneling machine, Nuclear power, Wind power, etc. )


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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