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Suzhou Shangge Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Vibration plate, Assembly machine, screw

Shanghai Changhao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Chip removal chain plate and conveying chain plate

Shanghai Jingcheng Technology Co.,Ltd.

Optical inspection machine

Shanghai Caifu Mechanical Co., Ltd

Design and produce high quality fasteners as below:1.High-speed railways, motor cars, urban rail transit;2.Vessels cranes, offshore cranes, lifting capacity;3.High-pressure pumps, Vacuum pumps;4.Fastenings of mining machinery 5.Other fields(Shield tunneling machine, Nuclear power, Wind power, etc. )


Our company mainly produces Carbon Structure Fastening Pieces Steel Wire, Rivet Steel Wire, Ball Bearing Steel Wire, Spring Steel Wire, Alloy-steel Wire and other steel wire products.

Suzhou Industrial Park Shenglong electric furnace manufacturing Co., Ltd

Controllable atmosphere energy-saving mesh belt type roller quenching furnace (2011 2 0484027.4) roller bar type up and down bidirectional heat recovery type continuous isothermal heat treatment energy saving furnace (ZL 2011 2 0169077.3) super large heat recovery push plate type continuous isothermal spheroidizing annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0184544. X) isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207421.9) push plate bearing parts isothermal annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0207425.7) push plate annealing energy saving furnace (ZL 2010 2 0210472.7) energy saving double channel heat recovery isothermal annealing furnace (ZL 2011 2 0318523.2).


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