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Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co., Ltd.

Large six corner head and torsion shear type high strength bolts and all kinds of non high strength bolts.

Shanghai Feiyu Automatic Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.

Machines for counting and packaging

Suzhou Triwin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Our company is mainly engaged in riveting fasteners, such as pressure riveting parts, pull riveting parts, blind rivets, solid & hollow rivets, expansion riveting nuts, structural rivets, etc. we provide overall riveting system solutions. You are welcome to consult us.

Shanghai Qkinto Mold Manufacturing CO,.Ltd

Tungsten steel mould, high-speed steel-rod, cold-forging fittings: nut mould (mould nut), bolts mould (mould screws) (straight rod mold etc.); Tungsten steel mould (Alloy mould); rods, comprehensive mould such as: Material transferring wheel; bolt mould; ratchet; tungsten steel drilling rods; knife outside block;, knives, tungsten steel knives, cold forging fittings; rod sets, stripping disk; inside and outside knives; sleeve mould; operation folder (transit folder, Clip, tongs) drilling mold, screw; stainless steel roller sleeve, flange, spark plugs, and cold-forging mould for nuts, nut stamping, drawing die; the rod; tapping fittings; cold-forging mold (Parts mold, cold extrusion mould) Great Wall molybdenum wire

shanghai Hongjing Eco-Friendly Technologies Co.Ltd

Oil Mist Purification Equipment of Industrial Fume Purifier

SACMA Machinery (Wuxi) Co. Ltd

Progressive Headers,Combined Headers,Warm Formers, Thread Rollers,Warm Thread Roller

Shenyang Hangda Technolgy Co.,Ltd

Dacromet Coating; Water-basedZinc-Aluminum Coating and the top Coating; Zinc based Coating and other heavy-duty coatings; dry film lubricant; anti-Galvanic corrosion coating and other special coatings.


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