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Zhejiang Guojian Testing Technology Co.,Ltd

We can provide many tests to fastener products, including precision measurement, mechanics performance testing, metallographic analysis, chemical composition analysis,assembly performance,failure analysis and product identification test. (Fastener products: bolts, screws, studs, nuts, tapping screws, wood screws, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, assemblies and joints, etc.)


Electric Power Transmission Lines Fasteners,Nuclear Fasteners,Wind Power Fasteners,Railway and Metro Projects Fasterners,Telecom Tower Fasteners,Road and Bridge Fasteners,Auto Fasteners,Photovoltaic Project Fastener,Steel Structure Constructions Fasteners,Anchor Fasteners,Special Operations Fasteners(Design&Product) and Anti-Theft Fasteners.

Zhejiang Youwei Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

sale high quality、standard nuts、non-standard cold

Zhejiang Sancheng Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.

Plumbing hardware, valve accessories, bathroom stainless steel parts, needle valve series accessories, auto parts, home appliances and electrical hardware accessories and other cold upsetting non-standard stainless steel.

Zhuji jinhong machinery co.LTD

Specialized in producing cold pier mould,red pier mould,press mould,punch rod, shaped punch rod,R hexagonal punch rod,plum blossom punching rod,inner hexagon tungsten steel punching rod and alloy punching rod.


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