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Main produce screw bolt, concrete bolt, and expansion anchor like wedge anchor, chemical studs, sleeve anchor. Besides, non-standard stamping product, non-standard nut and non-standard bolt all can be customized with the customers’ requirement.

Jiangsu Yongyi Fastener Co., Ltd.

Hex bolts,Hex socket screws,Structural Hex Bolts

Handan Hounian Expand Screw CO.,LTD

Hex bolt sleeve anchor,flange nut sleeve anchor ,eye bolt sleeve anchor ,hook bolt sleeve anchor ,chemical anchor ,expand screw ,wedge anchor and drop in anchor

Shanghai Shenguang High Strength Bolts Co., Ltd,

producing both standard and customized components for special steel fabrication and completed wind power system.

Shenzhen Manjun Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

riveted fasteners, shafts, studs, screws, bolts, nuts and screws, OEM parts, and special easy-to-turn parts

Haiyan Linhui Standard Parts Co., Ltd

Timber wood screw, chipboard screw, drywall screw self-drilling screw, stainless steel screw

Wenzhou Zhongte standard parts Co., Ltd.

High-performance screw thread rolling machine series: 1. Energy saving thread rolling machine without sliding plate(M3-M33) 2. Multi-function double-head screw thread rolling machine (intelligent recognition of the size of the end of workpieces) 3. Double-head long screw synchronous thread rolling machine(automatic loading and unloading, the length of thread rolling can reach around 100mm-600mm) 4. Thread rolling machine with automatic online rolling quality detection (using artificial intelligence techniques)


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