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aizhou Corite Lubricating Oil Co., LTD

Industrial lubricating oil, special oil, metal processing(oil) liquid and additives and other more than 100 kinds of products.

Ningbo Jingshang Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Automatic CNC lathe;Automatic hydraulic lathe;Punching car;Inverted machine;Milling machine;


Wire pickling and phosphating equipment

Zhenjiang Biaoli Fastener Co., Ltd

Currently specializing in the production of various types of bolts, nuts, rivets, pins, washers and all kinds of non-standard parts products.

Shanghai Chengtai Hardware Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Blind rivets;Self-tapping screws;machine screws;Socket screws;Self-drilling screws;Carriage Bolts;flange screws

Shanghai Zhanguo Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.

Pallets, steel-edge boxes, buckle boxes, collar boxes, equipment crates and customized packages

Ruian Lulin Hardware CO., Ltd.

Stainless Steel Metal-lock Nut, Flange Nylon-lock Nut, 4 Prong Tee Nut, Clamp Nut, Cage Nut, etc.

Wenzhou Sanli Fastenter Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel, carbon steel, inner six angle screw plug, outer six angle screw plug, pin shaft, live bolt, pipe joint, nut, ring groove rivet.


Chipboard screw/drywall screw/self drilling screw/self tapping screw/bolts/nuts...etc


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