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Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co. Ltd.

A series of fully enclosed environmental protection automatic/manual pickling (phosphating) treatment equipment for metal products industry.

Suzhou Shangge Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Vibration plate, Assembly machine, screw

Handan Gusen Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Chemical anchor bolt, mechanical anchor bolt, setting anchor bolt, embedded plate, angle code, hanger, expansion bolt, back expansion anchor bolt

LeeSheng Industry Co.,Limited

haracteristic mold: screw bolt forming mold, electric shock forming mould, triangle modulus, six pieces of composite modulus, stainless steel main mold, metal mold, rivet die, blunt

Dongguan Ying Xing Metal Surface Treatment Materials Co.,Ltd.

Phosphate coating agent,Lubricating agent, Accelerating agent,Electrolytic phosphating product,Environmental cleaning agent

Coventya Environmental Plating Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

microGLEIT lubricants, Zinc nickel plating additives, zinc plating additives, passivates, top coats

Suzhou YNK Fastener Co., Ltd.

Heavy washers, High strength threaded rods, Double ended studs


Punch pin 、Square hexagon plum punch series 、Automotive Standard Parts Mould、Stretch-Rod、


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