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Dongguan songwei machinery hardware products co.ltd

Multi-station cold heading machine,Six-stations nut former machine ,All kinds of nuts(Customized)

Handan Runke Shengshi Metal Technology Co, Ltd.

Extended flange bolt, hexagonsocket, camiage bolt, half round head hexagon socket, countersunk head hexagon socket, crosscountersunk head, ball Head bolts, customized with various non-standard head bolts, can produceM5-M30 diameter and 10-5000 length bolts.

Yangzhou Polysplendid Spring Co.,Ltd.

Mainly products are disc spring, dual-stacked self-locking washer,french washer, disc washer, serrated disc washer,spherical surface washer,disc spring for ball bearing.


applications of continuous bright carburizing (tempering) quenching furnace, continuous hot blast none-oxidation annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, crucible type annealing (spheroidizing) furnace, multi-purpose chamber furnace, vacuum furnace, etc.

Lony Yan Shi Rong Yao Ji Xie Gong Ye Co.,ltd.

The company can comprehensively produce various standard fasteners such as national standard, American standard, British standard, and German standard.

NETD Guangyuan Fastener Manufacturing Co.,LTD

1. Manufacture of standard nuts and bolts. 2. Research and manufacture of special metal fasteners. 3. Manufacture of metal fittings for construction 4. Research and manufacture of automotive components.

Dongguan Shixiang Hardware Co., Ltd.

Self-clinching nuts,compression nuts studs,self-clinching studs,self-clinching panel fasteners,self-clinching standoffs,spring screw,plastic inlays,floating nuts,self-locking nuts,snap-top standoffs,rivet nuts,etc.

Wenzhou Bolihao Industrial Co., Ltd

Stainless steel nuts of various types, machine screws, self tapping screws, flange screws, combination screws, countersunk hexagon socket, semi-circular hexagon socket, flat spring washers, etc


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