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Dongguan Xiangtian Automation Technology Co.,Ltd

Automatic CNC drilling and tapping machine automatic milling flat machine

Dongguan City AOYI hardware Co., Ltd

electronic fasteners, household fasteners, outdoor safety fasteners, automotive fasteners

Dingxi High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd

It produces all kinds of high-quality industrial standard parts and core parts such as national standard (GB), American Standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN), Italian standard (UNI), Japanese standard (JIS), international standard (ISO)

Kent Stud Welding Co.,Ltd.

hear Stud(Shear Connector) 、Draw Arc Stud Welding Machine

Handan Yongnian Baiyun Expansion Bolt Factory

Expansion bolt (anchor bolt), car repair gecko, flanged gecko, hollow gecko


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