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Aerospace Precision Products Co., Ltd

The products include screws, bolts, self- locking nuts, rubber parts, pipe fittings etc. They are widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, and railway transport etc.

Hebei Guozhi Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Multi position nut machine (11B-41B)multi position bolt machine(10B-45B)

Ningbo Jinli Strength Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

High strength bolt series、Automobile special fastener、High strength nut series、Construction machinery for fasteners、Special fastener for wind power generation、Special fastener for railway、Special fastener for railway


We are specialized in making Screw Cold heading machines,Thread rolling machines, Multi-Station cold forging machine, Opening Die Cold Forging machines for over 20years.

Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co., Ltd.

Large six corner head and torsion shear type high strength bolts and all kinds of non high strength bolts.

LeeSheng Industry Co.,Limited

haracteristic mold: screw bolt forming mold, electric shock forming mould, triangle modulus, six pieces of composite modulus, stainless steel main mold, metal mold, rivet die, blunt

Sichuan Ruizhi Zhonghong Technology Co., Ltd.

Anti-corrosion treatment of fasteners and other carbon steel metal material parts (neutral salt spray test 1500-10000 hours); Ultra-high anti-corrosion self-drilling and self-tapping screws.


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