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Qingdao Xingdong Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Wire rod in coils Shot Blasting Machine、Wire shot blasting machine、Hanger Type shot blasting machine、Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine、Dust collector、Single Wire Rod Shot Blasting Machine、Wire Rod Through Type Shot、 Double Station Coiled Wire、Billet Shot Blasting Machin,etc.


thread rolling dies,screw punches,header dies

Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co., Ltd.

Large six corner head and torsion shear type high strength bolts and all kinds of non high strength bolts.

Ningbo Exact Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

Chipboard screw, Drywall screw(Deck screw),Self-drilling screw,Self-tapping screw,Machine screw,Window Screw,Roofing screw,Thread rolling screw,Particle board screw

Dongguan Xiangtian Automation Technology Co.,Ltd

Automatic CNC drilling and tapping machine automatic milling flat machine


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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