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Wenzhou Xingyuan Standard Parts Co., Ltd.

Special-shaped non-standard cold heading products such as bolts, screws, nuts, self-tapping nails, gaskets, instrument processing parts, etc. made of copper, iron, aluminum and stainless steel

liashan Youyang Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.

stainless steel flat pads, spring pads andstamping parts

Haiyan Huidefa Technology Co., Ltd.

Stamping parts for photovoltaic, communication, electric power, automobile and other industries Development and manufacturing of sheet metal parts, machined parts and other products Manufacturing of mechanical parts according to drawings and samples Import and export of technology and goods

Yuhuan Hengxin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

fasterner, ball pin, steering linkages, suspension arm etc, professional forging products

Zhe Jiang Zhongyu Fastener Co.,Ltd.

The professional large-scale production of all kinds of internal six angle non - standard high strength screws, flat cup DIN7991, round cup ISO7380, cup head DIN912

General Parts and Accessories Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Machinery Industry

General Parts and Accessories Quality Supervision & Inspection


lengthened type,spare part forming machine, high speed bearing nut cold heading machines with five,six and seven station.


Chipboard screw/drywall screw/self drilling screw/self tapping screw/bolts/nuts...etc

Hebei Longze Metal Products Manufacturing Co.,LTD

hex bolt, hex nut, welding stud, washer, U bolt, carriage bolt, Hexagon socket head cap screws, Hex Flange Bolt, Hex Coupling Nut, Tee Nuts, Nylon Insert Lock Nut, Wing Nut, Self tapping screws, Photovoltaic Bracket, Solar Mid Clamp, Stud Bolt, Steel Structure, U Slotted Steel, Rivet nut, Threaded Rod


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