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Taicang Guangda Screw Mold Co.,Ltd.

Non-standard multi-station die; Automobile and aviation fastener molds; Six-piece mold, triangular mold; Stainless steel, titanium alloy, high carbon steel and other special material parts cold heading die

Zhejiang Shengtuo Machinery Co., LTD

Multi-station cold extrusion parts forming machine, such as three die three punch, four die four punch, five die five punch, six die six punch, equips users with silk rolling machine, tapping machine and other efficient automatic auxiliary equipment. Products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, mechanical parts industry of various fasteners, non-standard shaped parts production. At the same time, the company can produce non - target molding machines according to the special requirements of users, and provide professional services.


Bolt, Screw, Nut, Washer

Tianjin Audi Technology Development Co., LTD

Shooting nails, gas nails, integrated nails, special steel nails, etc

Shanghai Lirui Precision Metal Haian Co., Ltd

Raw material of worm、Raw material of twist bar、Raw material of Cold heading、Raw material of roll bar、Raw material of twist bar、Raw material of rack bar、Raw material of spring

Jiashan Ziheng Metal Co.,Ltd.

washer,spring nut, bolt,anchor bolt

Ningbo Chenda Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Gb6170, sh3404, hg20613, hg20634, gb6175, etc

Xiamen Zhongzhiruibo Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Zhongzhi fastener manufacturing professional edition is suitable for all kinds of fasteners, stamping, machining enterprises one-stop solution.


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