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Zhejiang Jiayu Stainless Steel Technology Co. , Ltd

304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel material of flat head, countersunk head, vertical stripes, hex rivet nuts, blind hole shape and the mark

Dingxi High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd

It produces all kinds of high-quality industrial standard parts and core parts such as national standard (GB), American Standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN), Italian standard (UNI), Japanese standard (JIS), international standard (ISO)


Drilling Screws、Drywall Screws、Self-Tapping Screws、Chipboard Screws、Machine Screws...

Ningbo Zhuocheng Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tapping, rolling centralized feeding machine, bolt and nut centrifugal feeder, wheel nut automatic welding machine, thread rolling machine automatic feeding machine, sorting machine centralized feeding machine, manual sorting semi-automatic packaging machine

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Cold heading wire rod、Spring steel wire rod、Non-quenched &tempered steel for Crankshaft、Gear steel hot rolled bar

Zhejiang Jiancai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Auto thread rolling machine,Slotting machine。

Wenzhou Zhongte standard parts Co., Ltd.

High-performance screw thread rolling machine series: 1. Energy saving thread rolling machine without sliding plate(M3-M33) 2. Multi-function double-head screw thread rolling machine (intelligent recognition of the size of the end of workpieces) 3. Double-head long screw synchronous thread rolling machine(automatic loading and unloading, the length of thread rolling can reach around 100mm-600mm) 4. Thread rolling machine with automatic online rolling quality detection (using artificial intelligence techniques)

Xiamen Zhongzhiruibo Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Zhongzhi fastener manufacturing professional edition is suitable for all kinds of fasteners, stamping, machining enterprises one-stop solution.

Handan Ronghe Fastener Co.,Ltd.

45 # finished keys, 45 # flat keys, 45 # square keys, ordinary flat keys, Square keys, etc. series, specifications 3-100mm

Yuxing Screw(Xiamen) Industrial Co.,Ltd

Cold forging shaped parts, screws, rivets,CNC machined parts


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