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Zheng Wei Wu Jin Co.,ltd.

Booth No.:H2-315B

Ruian Yudi Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd.?

Our main production is piston pin, cylindrical pin, connecting rod pin, locating pin and so on

Booth No.:H2-1831A

Hanyan Hongrun Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Flange bolt

Booth No.:H2-2030

Nanjing Mankate Science& Technology Co., Ltd.

Undercut anchor bolts, chemical anchors, self-undercut anchor bolts, dismountable anchors, epoxy resin adhesive, direct shear anchor bolts, anti-theft bolts, panel anchors, cast-in channels

Booth No.:H2-322


Flat Thread Rolling Dies (Milled and Ground, Standards, Special and Licensed), CHQ wire for Fastener FLAT THREAD ROLLING DIES (Ground & Milled TYPE). • Making full range of Self Tapping dies also such as Gimlet, Chipboard, Hi-Lo, Type F, Paint scrapper etc. • including standard & specials (as per customer drawings). • Wide base of customers all over the world • Customers: Automotive, Industrial, Appliances, Construction, Furniture makers etc. • Our products are competitively priced & our lead times are 3-4 weeks. • Key markets: China, USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey and Korea etc

Booth No.:H1-139

Small metal fasteners (Nut, Clip, Washer, Clamp, Bracket) for auto parts. We’re specialized in multi-forming, stamping process.

Booth No.:H2-1560

Ningbo Tianxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Zero-gap slider multi-position screw machine, part forming machine.

Booth No.:H1-2167

Dongguan City AoYi Hardware Co.,Ltd


Booth No.:H2-310

Shanghai Qkinto Mold Manufacturing CO,.Ltd

Tungsten steel mould, high-speed steel-rod, cold-forging fittings: nut mould (mould nut), bolts mould (mould screws) (straight rod mold etc.); Tungsten steel mould (Alloy mould); rods, comprehensive mould such as: Material transferring wheel; bolt mould; ratchet; tungsten steel drilling rods; knife outside block;, knives, tungsten steel knives, cold forging fittings; rod sets, stripping disk; inside and outside knives; sleeve mould; operation folder (transit folder, Clip, tongs) drilling mold, screw; stainless steel roller sleeve, flange, spark plugs, and cold-forging mould for nuts, nut stamping, drawing die; the rod; tapping fittings; cold-forging mold (Parts mold, cold extrusion mould) Great Wall molybdenum wire

Booth No.:H2-508A


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