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Taicang Aien Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

High speed slf-drilling screw machine,cold heading mold,self-drilling screw point forming machine

Suzhou Triwin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Our company is mainly engaged in riveting fasteners, such as pressure riveting parts, pull riveting parts, blind rivets, solid & hollow rivets, expansion riveting nuts, structural rivets, etc. we provide overall riveting system solutions. You are welcome to consult us.

Morgan Hardware(Kunshan)Co., Ltd

Grade10.9/12.9 high strength screws


Horn head drywall nail Horn head drywall nail(coarse tooth) Fiberboard nail High strength self tapping screw Pointed tail Huasi nail Special shaped self tapping screw Countersunk head drill tail nail Hua driller’s tail nail Hexagon drilling tail nail Horn head dry wall drilling tail nail Double ear screw Panhead self tapping screw

Zhejiang Dongrui Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Multi-station cold forging machine

Shanghai Shenguang High Strength Bolts Co., Ltd,

producing both standard and customized components for special steel fabrication and completed wind power system.

Zhejiang Jiayu Stainless Steel Technology Co. , Ltd

304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel material of flat head, countersunk head, vertical stripes, hex rivet nuts, blind hole shape and the mark

Ruian Jingrui Fastener Co., Ltd.

Holes/Shaft Circlips, ring, wave washer, internal and external serrated lock washer, spring washer, pins, tooth washers


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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