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Changshu City Standard Parts Factory

bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners, non-standard parts and precise parts

Timco Aero Fasteners Manufactory Ltd.

fasteners of carbon steel & stainless steel, such as Chipboard Screws, Drywall Screws, Self-drilling Screws, Self-tapping Screws, Bolts, Nuts & etc.

Tianjin Kroda Screws Co., Ltd.

varieties of screws & fasteners(self-drilling screw, tapping screw, drywall screws, cheapboard screws, woods screws, rivet)

Eagle Metalware Co., Ltd.

Hexagon Socket Cap Screws Series、Hexagon Head Bolts Series、Wheel Hub BoltsSeries

Dongguan Xiangtian Automation Technology Co.,Ltd

Automatic CNC drilling and tapping machine automatic milling flat machine

Handan Ronghe Fastener Co.,Ltd.

45 # finished keys, 45 # flat keys, 45 # square keys, ordinary flat keys, Square keys, etc. series, specifications 3-100mm

Tianjin Shangyuan Standard Parts Co., Ltd

DRYWALL SCREW ,SDS pan hingh policy,SDS csk screw,Chipboard screw,pulling rivet,Concrete screw,Composite gasket.

Ningbo Tianxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Zero-gap slider multi-position screw machine, part forming machine

Handan Gusen Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Chemical anchor bolt, mechanical anchor bolt, setting anchor bolt, embedded plate, angle code, hanger, expansion bolt, back expansion anchor bolt


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