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Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co.,Ltd.

Industrial furnace

Booth No.:H1-826


Booth No.:H2-1819

Wenzhou Kailun Fastener Co., Ltd.

Welding Nuts DIN928 DIN929

Booth No.:H2-2110

Zhuji Huangshan Eelectronic Nuts Factory

Wing Nuts

Booth No.:H2-1930

Zhejiang Keli Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Screw packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic sorting machine, hardware packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, counting packaging

Booth No.:H1-737

Jinan Guole Bearings Co.,Ltd

Booth No.:H1-2153

Henan Asia Pacific Standard Co. Ltd

Drilling tail screw, self-tapping wire, expansion screw with hole, machine screw, electrical screw

Booth No.:H2-2012

hangzhou fuhui hardwaremanufaturing co,ltd

Stainless steel tapping screw, stainless steel drill screw, stainless steel non-standard screw, stainless steel link, copper screw

Booth No.:H2-150

Dongtai Weidali Machinery Parts Factory

DIN906 DIN908 DIN910 outer hexagonal plug inner hexagonal plug outer quadrangular plug cold upsetting blank

Booth No.:H2-2165

Ga Sin Lik Tin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

formed free stop fine stretch machine,straight line type wire drawing machine,inverted slip type wire drawing machine,free and stop up machine,atuomatic disk to send ray machine

Booth No.:H1-317


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