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Aerospace Precision Products Co., Ltd

The products include screws, bolts, self- locking nuts, rubber parts, pipe fittings etc. They are widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, and railway transport etc.

Zhejiang Qiangyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Tooth Raiders(Silk Raiders), Pad Press, Padding Machine, Centrifuge, Cleaning Line, Welding Machine

Renqiu Ruisi Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Mould assembly hydraulic press, nut mould locking machine, polishing machine, fluid polishing machine, cold forming tool and mould, complete set and non-standard development


Horn head drywall nail Horn head drywall nail(coarse tooth) Fiberboard nail High strength self tapping screw Pointed tail Huasi nail Special shaped self tapping screw Countersunk head drill tail nail Hua driller’s tail nail Hexagon drilling tail nail Horn head dry wall drilling tail nail Double ear screw Panhead self tapping screw

Taicang Guangda Screw Mold Co.,Ltd.

Non-standard multi-station die; Automobile and aviation fastener molds; Six-piece mold, triangular mold; Stainless steel, titanium alloy, high carbon steel and other special material parts cold heading die

Yuhuan Hengxin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

fasterner, ball pin, steering linkages, suspension arm etc, professional forging products


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