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Ningbo Zhuocheng Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tapping, rolling centralized feeding machine, bolt and nut centrifugal feeder, wheel nut automatic welding machine, thread rolling machine automatic feeding machine, sorting machine centralized feeding machine, manual sorting semi-automatic packaging machine

Handan Ouchen Metalwork Co.,Ltd.

Sheeps eye screw series, sheep eye nail series, broken nails, S hook, sheep eye gecko series casing, construction hooks.

Rainbow Industrial Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

1.Consultation: Consultation and design of solutions for waste gas like oil mist and oil smoke in plants. 2.Detection: Concentration detection of factory equipment and environment. 3.Survey: Factory survey to understand the equipment process, measure the site, conduct equipment selection and system layout, etc.


how is to design and manufacture high-precision mechanical products and special fasteners - a real benefit for your development.

Dingxi High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd

We produce high-strength fasteners and special-shaped components for industrial use throughout the entire industrial chain in high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as wind power, nuclear power, and petrochemical industry, and provide services such as fastening system solutions.


Full range of Optical Sorting Machine, ancillary equipment High Performance Formers

Wenling Sanming bolts Factory

non-standard fasteners:automobiles, motorcycles, rail transit, sewing machines, universal wheels, pneumatic tools……


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