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Shanghai Jingcheng Technology Co.,Ltd.

Optical inspection machine


Multi station cold and warm forming machines, boltmakers, automatic hot nut ,bolt makers; automatic hot nut former,tools and tech

Dongguan Rongxiang Hardware Co.. Ltd

Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of cold punch ,forming punch rod, hexagonal punch rod ,tungsten steel hexagonal punch rod, plum blossom punch rod , rivet punch , four-corner punch , five-corner punch ,eight-corner punch , twelve-corner punch rod, special-shaped punch rod and other accessories.

Hebei Jinjiang Exhibition Co., Ltd

Hebei Jinjiang exhibition planning Co., Ltd. is a media enterprise specializing in fastener exhibition organization planning and fastener magazine publishing.

Shanghai BiauLi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Multi-position screw, nut, part forming machine

Kunshan juntai hardware machinery co.LTD

Yung Ho Hsing gear PUMP / WLP OIL PUMP / Japan NOP Trochoid PUMP
/us VIKING PUMP gear PUMP./American Universal gauge / NHK gauge


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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