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Ga Sin Lik Tin Machinery Co.,Ltd.

formed free stop fine stretch machine,straight line type wire drawing machine,inverted slip type wire drawing machine,free and stop up machine,atuomatic disk to send ray machine

Hebei Qierjie New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Fastener products such as aluminum formwork accessories series, seismic support series, special-shaped parts, etc.

Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.

spheroidizing annealing furnace, mesh belt furnace, bell furnace

Ningbo Junli Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

The main products are: GB1229 steel structure nut, China standard GB6170, GB6172, GB6175, GB55, GB6178 open groove, 20634 and American standard A194, A563, German standard DIN934, 14399 series, Japanese standard 1186 and various non-standard nut fasteners.

Chengdu Xinxin High Strength Fastener Manufacture Co., LTD.

20E/20F Full thread studs, tap end studs and heavy hex nuts


Punch pin 、Square hexagon plum punch series 、Automotive Standard Parts Mould、Stretch-Rod、


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