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Dongtai Ruihang New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Stainless steel directional adjusting foot cup, universal adjusting foot cup, U-bolt, outer hexagon bolt, inner hexagon bolt, ball head integrated bolt and other bolts and nuts are customized for non-standard parts

Jiangxi Kaixu Automobile Fitting Co., Ltd (original Wenzhou Kaixu)

circlips, snap rings, washers, disc springs, spring pins, keys and so on.

Suzhou Shangge Hardware Co.,Ltd.

Vibration plate, Assembly machine, screw

KUNshan Yun Tai Precision Mould Co.,Ltd.

Design and manufacture of tungsten steel dies, fastener dies, cold heading / warm forging, hot forging dies / special-shaped parts.

Suzhou Jungu Precision Mould Co.,Ltd.

Our main products including Carbide Dies ,Tungsten Carbide Dies, Bolt Dies, Nut Dies, header punch, punch Dies, case ,Inserts, Carbide tooling, and other custom-made dies.


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