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Xiamen Zhongzhiruibo Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Zhongzhi fastener manufacturing professional edition is suitable for all kinds of fasteners, stamping, machining enterprises one-stop solution.


Full range of Optical Sorting Machine, ancillary equipment High Performance Formers

Jiashan MDS Engineering Hardware Co., Ltd.

Agent for parts former, heat treatment machine etc

Suzhou YNK Fastener Co., Ltd.

Heavy washers, High strength threaded rods, Double ended studs

Jiashan xin yan hardware products factory

stainless steel washer, stamping parts, change ring, hardware, mechanical accessories,

Qingdao Xingdong Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Wire rod in coils Shot Blasting Machine、Wire shot blasting machine、Hanger Type shot blasting machine、Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine、Dust collector、Single Wire Rod Shot Blasting Machine、Wire Rod Through Type Shot、 Double Station Coiled Wire、Billet Shot Blasting Machin,etc.

Guang Dong Kai Chen Technology INC.

Cold Forming Die 、Special Punch、Carbide Punch、Tungsten Tip Punch


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Shanghai Afastener Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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